We work with our clients in any aspect of their company or startup creation process, from the idea to the final product. In all areas needed while leaving you to excel at your expertise.

Some of our current and past clients are:



Jake Kheel

Jake is an environmental leader. For over ten years he has confronted social and environmental challenges in the Dominican Republic as Vice President of Grupo Puntacana’s Corporate Environmental programs. We built his website where you can see all his projects.


Ministerio de Industria y Comercio y Mypimes

It is the governing body and in charge of the formulation, monitoring, evaluation and control of the policies, strategies, projects and services of the sectors of industry, exports, internal trade and foreign trade, special regimes and MSMEs, according to the guidelines and priorities of the Dominican Government. For this institution we develop and structure the portal of the National Network of Entrepreneurship Dominican Republic rdemprende.org and the portal of pymes.do both are projects that promote entrepreneurship and small businesses in the Dominican Republic.


Ciao Moving & Storage

It is a full-service company based in Miami that specializes in providing the highest level of service while ensuring an all-inclusive move and at a price based on your inventory list. With a decade of experience. For them we made the design and development of the website and executed the integration of the platform with other systems such as CRM.



Nerdot is a company that offers high-quality tech support services and advice in the Dominican Republic. We developed a case management system, which is the cornerstone of the high-quality customer service they offer. This system allows us to know exactly which stage of the process the repair team is in, who's handling the case, what the problem is, and other information of interest. We also built their site, which provides information about the company and the services they offer.


Dirección General de Contrataciones Públicas

It is an institution that serves as the Governing Body of the System of Purchases and Public Contracts for Goods, Services, Works and Concessions of the Dominican State. For them we did a consulting process for the readjustment of a transactional and transparency portal for the certification of the Nortic A2 standard that guarantees the homogeneity and visual form of all among the portals of the public administration of the Dominican Government.



It’s a sushi restaurant in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, known for its colorful sushi names and out-of-the-box ingredient combinations with local products. We created an informative site to match this unique personality where you can download the current menu, join their social networks, and view their latest sushi music videos.


Clinica Medina

It’s an odontology clinic in Spain run by a team of experts in multidisciplinary dentistry with great attention to detail and customer service. We’ve created their site which allows the user to get to know the doctors and their specialties and the different services and treatments they offer.



We’ve been a part of the development of this company for a long time, and we could not be prouder. Goodbed has become the top source for information about mattresses. It provides unbiased ratings on mattress models, expert advice, and price comparison for the U.S. and Canadian markets.


Onnos Bar

Onno’s is a chain of cool bars in the Dominican Republic. We created a brochure website where users can look up different locations, menus, and events for each Onno’s Bar. We’ve included support for videos and streaming pictures for each bar’s Facebook page.

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