Codemera is a fun bunch of forward-thinking problem solvers that work remotely. If you are the type of person that loves creating things and believes work is not just a job, then we'll love you, and you'll love our fabulous work opportunities.

The main benefit of working with Codemera is that you're given the oportunity to work to live, not live to work. By regaining control of your time, you are reinvigorated and empowered to give the very best of you to your work, making room for a more creative and rewarding lifestyle.


Wanting to work in a relaxed environment, willing to learn from new challenges, and most importantly, wanting to have fun while doing it.

You need good hardware, a home office, or a backup plan.

You'll need to know English to work with us, given that we have many international clients. Spanish is optional, but you'll need it to get some of the inside jokes. Last but not least, Python! (Although you don't have to be fluent in it.)

You will basically work on at least two projects at a time: your main project and a backup/maintenance project. However, from time to time, others from the team may request your help on some other project. The specifics of it vary greatly as we take on all sorts of projects.

In Codemeraland, you make up your own work schedule. Some of us enjoy working in the quiet, early hours of the morning, while others in the peaceful hours of the late night. Although we do expect you to work around 100 hours per month, that's only 5 hours daily. Why so little? Well, because we expect you to only log the time you are working and not when you are doing something else.

It includes a digital interview via a thread of emails and another one in person. Interview tip: We value each person's strong points, so be sure to showcase your expertise at the interview because if you are great in X, we'll try to find you tasks doing X.

Pretty please be patient and trust us when we say that whatever we decide, you will hear from us soon after, and we will let you know if we did/didn't pick you and why.

Yes, of course you can.

We do keep resumes, but we hardly ever look back because every job opening is different. Please send us your resume again, even though you've applied before.

We expect you to consider us as your main source of income. You can work with us on the side while starting, but we most certainly don't want people to use Codemera as a "freelance gig" or "source of picota." However, we also won't expect you to quit your job until both of us are certain you will be a good fit.

Open Positions

  • Frontend Developer
    What You’ll Do Design and develop a variety of web-based projects and top-quality user interfaces, from mockup to implementation using ...

  • Full-Stack Developer
    What you’ll do   Design and implement REST APIs. Maintain current apps. Enhance both backend and frontend apps. Write unit ...

  • Full-Stack Developer nodejs
    What you’ll do   Design and implement REST APIs. Maintain current apps. Enhance both backend and frontend apps. Write unit ...

  • UI/UX Designer
    What You’ll Do Participate in the ideation of the user experience for both new and existing projects. Deliver high-fidelity designs ...

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