Codemera is an independent software company made of people passionate about the web, with skills within the realms of development, design, and content. The team has come together either from friendships, previous working experiences, or a random tweet, and since 2011, our shared passion has kept us in constant collaboration.

Why work with us

We've done our homework, we know our craft, but most importantly, we enjoy doing it. We build stuff for small businesses, big brands, and everyone in between. When you work with us, the core of the experience is defined by our pledge:

The Codemera Pledge


Stand behind our clients

We take on projects we genuinely believe in and want to help succeed. When you hire us, you don’t only get a team, you get a handful of groupies.


Stand behind our clients

Just like the internet, we are people-driven. The reason clients love us is because we value building long-term relationships and that only happens when one truly listens and cares.


Stand behind our clients

Being endlessly passionate about tech keeps us discovering new and optimal ways to do things. We are geeks with deadlines, dedicated to giving our clients the best tools for the job.


Stand behind our clients

Working as a team has its advantages, and it shows. Our team fosters expertise in an array of disciplines, and we embrace each perspective, so a project can benefit from all.


Stand behind our clients

Our development methodology draws on agile principles. We have read about all the methodologies and have come up with our own version which lets us go from code to production in minutes (we even wrote a tool to optimize this) which guarantees the successful evolution of our projects.
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