Jorge Vargas

Jorge Vargas's Cartoon
Tamer Of The Snakes

You probably haven't seen Jorge, but he's everywhere all the time. He is fine tuned to tracking down weird bugs, building simple architectures, and finding projects that fit what the team wants to work on. He is fueled by discussing interesting topics, finding simple solutions to complex problems, the smile of a pretty lady, awesome food, and having a good time with friends. 

Ricardo Restituyo

Ricardo Restituyo's Cartoon
Mad Python Developer

Ricardo is a Code Demonologist. He's somewhat misunderstood, slightly megalomaniacal, good-natured, easy-going with a good sense of humor, and has an unhealthy attraction to complexity. He's the dude who secretly plots ways to destroy the planet while doing Codemera work, but he's mostly harmless. He likes robots, bacon, and bacon cookies.

Rafael Belliard

Rafael Belliard's Cartoon
JavaScript Developer

Rafael is a software developer. He likes stand-up comedy, Joey Diaz, and hyperlinks. In his alternate universe, Ron Swanson is king, and purple ninjas keep us safe. Have a good day.

Juan Julio Fuentes

Juan Julio Fuentes's Cartoon

JJ is your friendly Bastard Operator from Hell. When he's not busy doing pretty much a little bit of everything, he likes to play music, think of the universe and its complexity, and take care of animals.


Zavora's Cartoon
Our Mascot

Zavora, an ancient mythological creature, is the only known specimen of the Codemeras. A mix between a Python, HTML, and design, she feeds on bacon, terrible programmers, and <blink> tags.

Juan Alfredo Rios

Juan Alfredo Rios's Cartoon
Data Processor

Juan is your all-star team support guy (like when you're playing videogames he's usually your healer or tank) he's also a cook-in-training, gamer and Hyrule Connoisseur. Stewie Griffin is his animal spirit and he also bears the Infinity Stones of Laziness and Wit (they didn't make it into the movies, that's why you haven't heard about them). He's also a psychology grad, so he's a good listener and adviser, but feed him first."

Manuel Tejada

Manuel Tejada's Cartoon
Front End Developer

Manuel is a part-time designer, part-time developer. When he’s not developing websites, he’s rooting for the Red Sox, learning a new song on the piano, or trying out a new recipe.

Wendy Neder

Wendy Neder's Cartoon
Office Manager

Boss's boss, she takes every decision based on numbers with an unhealthy love for Pandas and coconut sweets.